Get the most out of your Bagger Hand controls: The OG 2014-Up Touring Top Triple Tree

What’s up Touring riders!

A-P here again, I have some thrilling news for you. We are about to release our brand-new OG Touring Top Triple Tree: the last piece of the puzzle in regard to your Performance Bagger Risers setup.

Installing our top tree will revolutionize your riding experience! Not only will it help you achieve a more comfortable and ergonomic riding position with its unique features, but it'll also look WAY cleaner than that poor stock casting piece! Don't believe me? please keep reading.

Harley Davidson Touring Riding Experience

Now, I know what you're thinking - what in the world is a top tree? It's simple, really! The steering stem connects the center of the upper and lower triple tree, which in turn holds the forks.

OG Harley Davidson 2014 Up Touring Top Triple Tree

Changing the top tree can affect the rake, trail of the bike & risers' mounting position, which will affect its handling characteristics. But fear not, my friends - our new touring top triple tree is designed to help you customize your bike exactly to your liking!

Batwing Fairing Compatible

Of course, we haven't forgotten about our batwing fairing friends. If you own an FL model with a batwing fairing, we've got you covered! You'll simply need to run our triple tree to its +2'' pullback risers position to clear the navigation screen and stereo. We offer Batwing Fairing Clamps (sold separately) to help you secure your front fairing to the forks like in-stock trim. Our mounts could even fit most other aftermarket triple trees on the market! Competition is healthy.

Features and Benefits

It's chock-full of useful features that will blow your mind, including three mounting location options (stock, +1'', and +2'' pullback towards the rider), so you can set your risers exactly where you want them. Plus, it comes with pocketed key lock and wire management clamps for a clean, factory look and no more messy wires! And the best part? It fits standard FL bushings and all 2014 to present 49mm Touring models - talk about a universal solution!

Harley Davidson 2014 Up Touring Top Triple Tree Road Glide Street Glide Road King

Our touring top triple tree is made from precision CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum and comes in ALL hard anodized colors or chrome finishes. It features a machined OG logo and comes with stainless steel hardware included - because we know you don't have time for rusted old bolts or flimsy hardware.

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your Harley Davidson Touring with our new OG Touring Top Triple Tree and get the most out of your Performance Bagger Hand Controls setup.

I'll see you on the open road this summer (hopefully). I still have a bunch of products in the oven for you guys. RIDE SAFE.

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