Bagger Racing League Battle of the Baggers 2023 Rd 3 & 4: Blackhawk Farms Raceway

The Blackhawk Farms Raceway hosted the exhilarating Rounds 3 & 4 of the highly anticipated Bagger Racing League. This event marked the second stop of the 2023 season, and after an arduous journey from the northern regions, the anticipation was palpable.
With meticulous attention to detail, we dedicated Friday to fine-tuning the Race Glide to suit the unique demands of this particular track. Since each racetrack poses challenges, we adjusted to ensure that Sam had every advantage to perform at its peak.

Practice and Qualifications

Practice sessions were promising, generating enthusiasm for Saturday's qualifying rounds and following races. The first qualification on Saturday unfolded exceptionally well, as Sam Guérin skillfully secured the first position on the starting line for the third round. However, during the second qualifying lap, an unfortunate incident occurred: a broken sprocket caused damage to the back wheel hub, necessitating the switch to a spare wheel from the FLHX bike brought along by the team. Fortunately, the team had the necessary resources to address this minor setback.Samuel Guérin


Bagger Racing League Round 3

The team successfully readied themselves for round 3, demonstrating great teamwork and determination. Samuel Guerin showcased exceptional skill, leading the race for three laps. However, another mechanical issue occurred as the rear wheel locked just before a turn, causing Sam to veer off the track. Nonetheless, he skillfully managed to avoid a crash and swiftly returned to the racetrack to complete the race. Though team morale may have been affected, such experiences are part of the racing process, highlighting the challenges and resilience required to excel in this sport.

Bagger Racing League Round 4

Round 4 brought anticipation and determination to the Original Garage Moto Race Team. Before the race,  we conducted a thorough check-up on the bike to ensure optimal performance. Despite the setback from the previous day, which resulted in starting from the 6th position, Sam was motivated to give his all and make a remarkable comeback. Throughout the intense and demanding race, Sam showcased his skills and perseverance, steadily climbing up the positions lap after lap. In an impressive display of talent, he secured the second position, narrowly behind Gunnar Ouelette from team Trask Performance. Although the weekend didn't unfold as expected, the team celebrated the opportunity to bring home a well-deserved trophy and, most importantly, with the bike intact.

As the Bagger Racing League progresses, each round presents new opportunities and unforeseen obstacles. The dedication and unwavering spirit of the team will undoubtedly continue to shine as they pursue their passion in this exhilarating event. With our sights set on rounds 5 and 6 in California, the team is eager to utilize the experience gained and diligently prepare for the upcoming challenges.

Rounds 5 & 6 Willow Springs International Raceway, California

The upcoming 3rd stop of the Bagger Racing League, on November 18th and 19th, is set to take place at Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, California.

This particular track poses a multitude of challenges for riders. The elongated, high-speed straights demand exceptional acceleration and precise control, necessitating throttle management and careful attention to aerodynamic positioning. The track's assortment of technical corners, ranging from tight hairpins to sweeping curves, tests riders' agility and judgment and requires them to find the optimal racing line while deftly navigating the intricacies of braking and cornering.

Additionally, the notable elevation changes introduce an additional layer of complexity, demanding swift adaptations in riding style to maintain equilibrium and stability. With limited run-off areas, unwavering focus becomes paramount to avoid costly errors leading to contact with barriers or unintended excursions off the track. 

Original Garage Moto Race Team

The whole Team is proud of its achievements. We invite everyone to check out our YouTube Channel and Instagram page for fresh content up to the end of the season! If you missed the races, you can watch them by clicking here.


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