Riding Sturgis: Bike Week Best Rides

Oh, you wouldn't believe it! In the heart of the badass Black Hills of South Dakota, there's a place that is the holy shrine for motorcycle enthusiasts and adventure junkies – Sturgis! This legendary spot is world-famous for its mind-blowing Bike Week, and we were like, "Hell yeah, we gotta be there before the thunder of thousands of bikes takes over the town!"

So, after what felt like an eternity trailering down from Canada, we're finally here, ready to rock and roll before the Rally kicks off.

Get ready for one hell of a road trip, 'cause we're gonna ride like there's no tomorrow through Sturgis and the freaking stunning surrounding landscape. #Letsfuckinggo!

Day 1: Badlands National Park, 157 Miles.

Ah, Day 1, the grand start of our epic adventure! We're in Rapid City, and guess what? We don't want to overexert our "already tired body," so let's not go crazy with the driving today. Badlands National Park is just the ticket, a manageable 157 miles away, with a possibility of some "epic" sunset views. Who needs marathon driving, right?

Badland Bar, Sturgis

So, we decide to take it easy and pop by The Wall for a few beers. You know, because beer always makes everything better. Then we finally venture into the Badlands National Park, and oh boy, it's twisty roads galore! We soak in the awesome scenery and, believe me, it's a ride we won't forget. And wait for it - that sunset, the colors are absolutly stunning! 

Badlands National Park

We could've stayed in the park for eternity, exploring every nook and cranny, but unfortunately, time is a cruel mistress. So we head back to Interior on the main loop, which is still beautiful, mind you, but not quite the epic detour we imagined.

There are so many scenic points and trails to explore, but we decide to save some for later. Trust me, it's going to happen. The ride back on Route 44 is a bit bumpy, but no worries, our Legend Suspensions handle it like a champ. 

Route 44 Sturgis South Dakota

Day 2: Black Hills, 138 Miles.

Today, we're riding to see those four big faces carved into the rock at Mt. Rushmore. A must-see, at least once in a lifetime. And just so you know, we're such early birds, there's no traffic in sight. On the other hand, no buffalos are to be found. Maybe it's too hot, or the buffalos are just camera-shy. We'll never know.

Time for a well-deserved beer break! We head to Custer Town, because where else do you find a good watering hole? The Mt. Rushmore Brewing Company has us covered. Great food, craft beers, and a brand-new patio - hello, main street view!

The Mt. Rushmore Brewing Company

After fueling up on deliciousness, we tackle the Needles Highway like seasoned pros. Seriously, this road is stunning. Whoever built it in these rock formations deserves a medal, or at least a cookie. And oh, there's Sylvan Lake, tempting us with its siren song of swimming and cliff jumping. We'll be back, Sylvan Lake, mark our words!

Finally, we end our day with some high-speed carving miles on the Central Hills loop. Just a heads-up, though - even with the low mileage, we somehow managed to squeeze 7-8 hours of fun out of it. Time flies when you're having a blast!

Day 3: Black Hills – Northern Hills Loop & Spearfish Canyon, 173 Miles.

We woke up with the sun and thought, "Hey, why not head West on 44, and then spice things up by going up on the 385 to Lead?" Gotta keep it interesting, right? And Lead, oh boy, what a town! We took our sweet time to visit the place and the old mine site, all while sipping on our morning coffee.

Oh, but wait the best part! You HAVE to visit the Visitor Center to unravel the mysteries behind that "gigantic" hole in the middle of Lead. It's like a mind-bending black hole of history, you know? Caffeine pumped, and our curiosity piqued, we hopped on the 14A, the Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway – the holy grail of rides! And you bet your sweet buns, it was probably the best ride since Day 1. The scenery, the curves, it's all just perfect. Who needs an amusement park when you've got this?

Next stop, Spearfish! We felt like adventurers as we ventured to Belle Fourche, and then East on 212 through the Rocky Point State Rec. Area to Newell. Gotta love those exotic-sounding places! Oh, and of course, we couldn't miss paying a visit to the majestic Bear Butte, just North of Sturgis. 

Now, don't get too jealous, but it was HOT! So, we decided to be wise and escape to the mountains like the daring souls we are. We zoomed down the Vanocker Canyon road to Nemo and then back to Rapid City using the Nemo road and Route 234.

As the sun set, we gracefully landed in the beautiful downtown Rapid City. And guess what? We knew the perfect place to celebrate our triumphs – the Fire House Brewery! Food, drinks, and good times await, my friend. It's like a sanctuary for riders like us.

Day 4: Black Hills -  Southern Hills Loop, 98 Miles.

Well, today, it was like walking in the sun, so we were thinking, "Hey, let's not roast ourselves on the bike!" We decided to take it easy and only do the Southern loop. Gotta be strategic, right?

Sturgis Southern loop

First stop, Wind Cave National Park! It's like a hidden gem, the 6th largest cave in the WHOLE world. Can you believe it? But hey, just a heads-up, if you're gonna check it out, make sure you've got some spare time to kill. They're like, "We're fancy, we only offer guided visits a couple of times a day." So yeah, plan accordingly, 'cause you wouldn't wanna miss exploring this underground wonderland for a solid hour and a half.

Wind Cave National Park

After we were done exploring caves like Indiana Jones, we were all like, "Let's cool down!" So, back to Sylvan Lake, close to the Needles Highway. It's like nature's personal air conditioner. Dive in and feel the scorching heat evaporate into thin air. And guess what? They're super considerate, offering rental paddles and all that good stuff. So, if you're feeling adventurous, you can be one with the lake and ride the lac like a pro!

Sylvan Lake

Oh, the joys of escaping the relentless sun, chilling in caves, and diving into a pristine lake. Life's all about balancing the epic and the chill, my friend. So keep rockin' and rollin', and let the adventure continue!

Day 5: Devils Tower Region, 145 Miles

We've been living the camping life for the past couple of days at the Keyhole Reservoir state park. Our cozy wood cabin is the coolest little hideout. Since we're already in the wild west, we hit the road around the reservoir and headed up to Devil Tower National Monument.

Now, don't get me wrong, it's a happening spot with lots of Rally-goers, but we ain't waiting in no line! So we parked our wheels down below and hiked up and around the monument. Trust me, totally worth it. This place is stunning, and you gotta take your time to soak in all those jaw-dropping views of climbers tackling the tower.

After basking in nature's glory, we hit the loop to Hulett, where we found this quaint little country bar for a cold one. Oh, did I mention we rode east to Belle Fourche? And, of course, we couldn't miss Spearfish, where we chowed down on some killer grub at the new Farmhouse Bistro and Bar.

Sturgis 2023 Bike Week

This Rally is off to an epic start, with killer rides and scenic roads without the traffic jams. It's like we hit the jackpot by coming a week early. Now, we're all pumped up and ready to kick off the 83rd Sturgis Rally with the OG Team!

Get in touch, and let's ride together on this unforgettable journey. We're stoked to meet fellow riders, forge new friendships, and create cherished memories. Stay tuned on our Instagram for updates on our upcoming Sturgis adventures. The open road awaits, see you at the biker universe's epicenter!

Thanks for joining the adventure. See ya at the Rally, where the good times roll and the engines roar!

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