Bagger Racing League Battle of the Baggers Pittsburgh Rd 1 & 2

The Bagger Racing League Round 1 & 2 took place last weekend at the Pittsburgh Pitt Races, marking the start of the 2023 season. The Original Garage Moto Race Team was present, and after a long journey from up north, we were ready to hit the track.

The team's owner, Sam Hébert, stated that the weekend goal was about making final adjustments to the Race Glide and finishing some Races no matter the results.

During Friday's practice, the Original Garage Moto Race Team encountered a setback when Sam Guérin went down on the track. Despite the incident, Sam emerged unscathed, and the bike only suffered minor fixable damages.

Overcoming Challenges: The Resilience of Sam Guérin and the Original Garage Moto Race Team

Original Garage Moto Race Team

The team worked hard to get the Race Glide back on track, making sure it was in the best condition possible for the following day's Qualifying. With their quick actions, the team managed to fully repair the bike, and Sam was able to be on the starting line for the qualifications, where he managed to secure the first position for the starting line for the first round.

Although the first race started well, a red flag was raised due to safety concerns, and the race was paused. When the race resumed, Sam hit a sharp corner and downshifted the bike to the third gear, breaking the shifter arm. Nevertheless, Sam persevered and finished in fourth position in round one while in third gear the whole race. Despite the challenges faced during round one, Sam displayed great talent and resilience. After putting the bike back together, we were eager to see what round two would bring.

The team faced a new challenge in round two: heavy rain. After a moment of hesitation, the team swapped the slick tires for rain tires, thanks to Bridgestone, and Sam managed to finish in second place, catching up to the first position.

The Pittsburgh Pitt Races Raceway offered a thrilling and demanding driving experience, with a variety of technical features. The full course, combining both tracks, poses an even wider range of challenges, with a total length of 2.78 miles. Overall, our Race Team had a successful weekend, and we're excited about the next two rounds at the Blackhawk Farms Raceway in Illinois.

Looking Ahead: The Technical Track of Blackhawk Farms Raceway for Rounds 3 & 4

The next two rounds of the Bagger Racing League will be held at the Blackhawk Farms Raceway in Illinois on July 15th-16th, and the Original Garage Moto Race Team is looking forward to the challenge. This technical track offers a mix of tight corners and high-speed straights, making it a favorite among racers. The 1.95-mile course features several elevation changes and a chicane, making it one of the most challenging tracks on the Bagger Racing League circuit.

With its narrow track and limited passing opportunities, racers will have to rely on their skill and precision to succeed at Blackhawk Farms. The Original Garage Moto Race Team is eager to see how they will perform on this demanding track.

Original Garage Moto Race Team

The whole Team is proud of its achievements. We invite everyone to check out our YouTube Channel and Instagram page for fresh content throughout the season!


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