I Ride With OG: Raymond & Hazel Wetch

Roll up, folks, and gather around for the story of Raymond, a '94 baby from the land of the free whose life took an exciting turn toward two-wheeled beasts before he could even spell "motorcycle. Picture this: an 11-year-old Raymond gets his hands on a Suzuki DR-Z 110, a gift from his brother. Fast forward a decade, and boom, he's cruising on his first Harley, a sleek 2016 Dyna Street Bob.

But wait, there's more to Raymond than just burning rubber. The man has an eye for the world through a lens, turning his two-wheeled escapades into photographic masterpieces. Sharing that love with his community and relatives, he's living proof of the Moto mantra "teach them young. Enter stage left, little Miss Hazel, his sidekick since 2021, and probably the smallest ripper you'll ever see.

Raymond isn't just any shutterbug; he's top notch, working with the likes of Espinozas Leather, Klock Werks, Cardo Systems, and Gastown Supply Co. Now, with Original Garage Moto in his corner, his journey is about to take off.

So what's Raymond up to these days? Let's take a look at his shiny new FXLRST and find out. Spoiler alert: it's as cool as it sounds.


Model and Year: 

2022 Low Rider ST FXLRST


  • Frame: Stock 
  • Swingarm: Stock
  • Paint: Gunship Grey
  • Windshield/Fairing: Klockworks
  • Seat: Lucky Daves
  • Sissy Bar: Harley-Davison & Saddlemen
  • Bags: Stock Clamshells
  • Wheels: Stock
  • Motor Mounts: Stock Mount


  • Front suspension: Stock, Going for Ohlins Next Year
  • Dampers & Braces: Stock
  • Rear Suspension: Stock, Going for Ohlins Next Year


  • Size: 117ci M8
  • Heads: Stock Liquid Cooled
  • Carburetor/Fuel Injection: Stock
  • Intake: Trask Performance
  • Cams: Stock
  • Camchest: Stock
  • Final Drive (Chain Kit): Stock
  • Exhaust: SPB Fab


  • Transmission: Stock
  • Clutch: Stock
  • Primary: Stock


    • Rotors: Stock
    • Calipers: Harley Davidson OEM
    • Front Master: Stock
    • Rear Master: Stock


    • Headlight: Kleen Moto Rigid Adapt XP
    • Taillight: Stock
    • Blinkers: OG X-Series LED Turn Signals


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