I Ride With OG: Eric Bergdoll

Born in the United States in 1988, Eric bought his first bike in 2006, a 1992 Honda CBR600R. Already working with Purpose Built Motorcycles, Lexin Moto & Plex Audio, he can now count on Original Garage Moto to support him through his photograph and bike builder journey.

Let's walk around Eric's 2013 Dyna specs!

Model and Year: 

2013 Dyna FXDX


  • Frame: Stock
  • Swingarm: C&S Custom
  • Paint: Carbon Fiber Everything with a Nardo Grey Tank
  • Windshield/Fairing: Carbon Fiber Italian Design Studio 1/4 Fairing
  • Seat:  BMC Wall
  • Sissy Bar: N/A
  • Bags: Leather Pro V3
  • Wheels: Roland Sands Diesel 18/18
  • Motor Mounts: OEM With Alloy Art Stabilizers


  • Front suspension: Diamond Lane Cycle Black Fork Tubes with Legends AXEO Cartridges
  • Dampers & Braces: Zack Nation Racing Triple Tree & Original Garage Moto Speed 49mm Fork Brace
  • Rear Suspension: 14" Legends Revo Arc


  • Size: 117ci
  • Heads: Revolution Performance
  • Carburetor/Fuel Injection: HPI 58mm Throttle Body with HPI 5.3 injectors
  • Intake: HPI Billet v3 Intake with Carbon Cover
  • Cams: S&S 583 gear drive
  • Camchest: Feuling Race Serie Cam Plate, Oil pump and lifters. S&S Roller Rockers, S&S Pushrods, Billet Rocker Arm Support Plate.
  • Final Drive (Chain Kit): Vulcan Works Front Sprocket, EK X Ring Chain, Super Lite Rear 55t Sprocket
  • Exhaust: Trask Head Pipes with Scum Industries Custom Muffler and Tip


  • Transmission: Backcut gears
  • Clutch: Barnett Scorpion Clutch with Trask Basket
  • Primary: Man o War Compensator and Screamin Eagle Primary Chain Adjuster


    • Rotors: Arlen ness 15” rotor up front, ness matching rear rotor
    • Calipers: OEM for now, The Brembos are waiting on the shelf with Original Garage Moto Radial Adapter
    • Front Master: OEM with Elite Moto Cover
    • Rear Master: OEM


    • Headlight: Moto illumination
    • Taillight: Custom Dynamics Integrated Plate Frame.
    • Blinkers: N/A


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