Stealth Pipes 4" Hand Shaped Stainless Steel Heat Shields


Sale price$84.95 CAD


These aren't heat shields per say, more like sneaker/boot shields.  We've ruined so many pairs of shoes (RIP Vans and Converse) over the years just by touching your fancy footwear to the pipe.  This is all that I've found is needed. 

Through trips from SoCal to Mexico, Vegas, and everywhere in between the pipe dissipates heat really and doesn't hold it like mild steel so FULL heat shields aren't necessary in my opinion.  If your foot has a chance of touching the pipe between the floorboards though?  Definitely.

These will protect ya Keds in the crucial areas needed on long rides, and make sure you don't need a new pair of shoes every week.  All hardware included , and works on ALL Stealth pipe models.  Comes in brushed stainless steel finish, you can polish, powder, or cerakote it any way you like. And I'll even laser engrave something on there if you send me a file!

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