OG Low Profile LED Tail Light V3 for Harley-Davidson


Option: Without integrated license plate light
Sale price$99.95 CAD


All Harley-Davidson fitted with a Squareback tail light can use our OG Low Profile LED Tail Light V3 as a direct replacement. These function as running and brake lights in the same way as the standard one does, and they can be used (or not) in conjunction with the built-in integrated turn signals. It also has a smoked lens with a low profile. For models with the plate below the brake light, such as most newer Baggers models, now available with clear licence plate LED lights or without.


  • Low profile dark smoked lens
  • Integrated blinkers
  • Function as Run/Brake
  • Fully Waterproof - Sealed with Acrylic Conformal Coating 
  • *NEW for V3* High End black LED Board
  • *NEW for V3* SuperFlux Piranha Ultra Bright LED
  • *NEW for V3* Dual function LEDs
    • Red running light - Full 54 LED Chip
    • Bright Red brake light - Full 54 LED Chip
    • Amber Signal - 19 LED Chip 
  • *NEW for V3* Molded OG Logo
  • Optional White license plate LED lighting
  • Includes OEM connectors - Plug and play


If you're experiencing hyper flashing or bulb out error code, add our OG LED Load Equilizer for a plug and play solution.

*For offroad use only

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