ARP Bolt Kit For Hub Mounted Rotors (Front and Rear)


Material: Black Oxide Chrome Moly
Size: 5/16"-18 (Front)
Sale price$34.95 CAD


Our ARP hardware kits are now available for all hub-mounted rotors. Hub-mounted rotors will require 5/16'' hardware for the front and 3/8'' hardware for the rear. These are some of the strongest fasteners on the market! Sold in kits of 5 bolts. Available in both Black Oxide Chrome Moly or Polished Stainless Steel finishes.

*These will not fit with 39mm Narrow Glide front end, the 12 point ARP heads are too tall and will hit the forks lowers.


  • Black Oxide Chrome Moly or Polished Stainless Steel finishes.
  • Stronger than Grade 8 hardware
  • Fits with most Dyna, M8 Softails & Baggers models with Hub-mounted rotors.
  • Do not fit 39mm Narrow Glide models.


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