Tech tips: Harley Dyna LED Light Bar Installation

A lot of people (including myself) have been adding small LED bar to their ride to get that extra light to see better while riding at night and be more visible to others. It's a cheap and simple upgrade that will complement nicely your Headlight setup. Specially for those running a fairing on their Dyna/Sportsters/FXR, your headlight beam is a little affected at short distances. Our OG Led Bar features a 60 degree flood beam that will help alot on lighting up what's right in front of you and around you.

While being a quite simple upgrade, this little guide will provide some useful tips that, I hope, will help some of you set your ride with your LED Light Bar kit more easily. In this guide, we're going to show you how it's done on a Harley-Davidson Dyna model. 

To begin with, there's two easy way to power it. You can either use your Headlight power or use an auxiliary power source. We chose to use the unused accessories connector found under the seat of our Dyna. This will prevent us to loose power when the High beam is on. Here's a small diagram and some pictures of the installation process:

LED Bar connection diagram - 06-later Harley Davidson Dyna
Accessory connector connection under the seat

Note: We re used the connector cap and drilled it. We also re used the connector rubber seal. That way, we passed our wire inside and sealed the cap with a clear silicone.

2-strand wire to front

If you're opting for the easy method and want to just power it using  your headlight connector; Here is a small electrical diagram that summarizes the installation process.

Note: We've put the bar onto front low beam, this will make the LED bar turn off when High beam is on. It could also be done the other way if you prefer to have it on the High beam. 

The mounting bracket that comes with that bar is universal and will need to be drilled for some application. For a later Dyna with a mid glide tree, we found that the easiest way to mount it would be using the existing headlight bolt.

To do this, you'll have to open up the bracket with a 7/16'' drill to allow for larger headlight bolt.

To finish it off in a clean way and to be able to turn it off when needed, we opted to mount a bar mounted LED ON/OFF switch onto our bars. Here's a little sneak peek of it:


If you have any questions about your installation, don't hesitate to ask us. We stand 100% behind our customers.

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OG Sam

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Will the bracket work with a 22 road glide???



Could you have used the auxiliary wire in the headlight harness? That way it’d always Be on whether you’re on high beam or low beam

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