Trip: Cabot Trail Run
The 20th of august was the day one of our very first trip to Nova Scotia. Four bros, four bikes and 4000 kilometers ahead of us, everybody was hyped to hit the road on that sunny Saturday!
We headed East on the 132 road go get to our first checkpoint, the notorious Sea Shack! After a good day of lane splitting, we arrived at our destination thirsty as f**k ready to rock the night show!
After a pretty wild night at the "Sea shack" where we enjoyed good music, cheap booze and a ton of good people, time to hit the road again.

Back on the 132, we headed to Bathurst but taking the long road through the beautiful Gaspésie. Here's a pic of the squad getting fueled up at the "Roché percé" beach. Make sure to make a stop a tthe "Pit Caribou" microbrewery if you go in Percé!

After a few break along the road, we made it to "New-Brunswick" were a shitload of mosquitos, fly, butterfly and many others flying things were waiting for us. We struck back with speed, lot of speed. We won.

DAY 3 
New-Brunswick was a lot of highway riding. Not my favourite type of road if you ask me but the warm weather and clean road made me forget that. At the end of the road was our destination. Cape Breton.
We rented a small cottage in Port-Hawksberry with a breathtaking view. At that point, we were still lucky! A small storm hit us but during the night giving us a sick lighting show over the sea. 

Here's a cool picture of Simon (a.k.a. El Siffleux) and Louis (a.k.a. The Butcher) in front of our shack!

DAY  4

The fourth day of our trip was the one that everybody was waiting for. We were super hyped to finally discover the famous "Cabot Trail". After a quick fuel up at the beginning of the park (peanut life), we started to ride the uphill, downhill, quick turn and other feature that the "Cabot Trail" have to offer. The legend is true. The "Cabot Trail" is insane. 

All the elements were there to make this day unbelievable. Warm weather, low wind, low traffic and no major problems!!!!

At the middle of the trail, we made a lunch stop in Neils Harbour at a restaurant named "The Chowder House". If you get there one day you have to have a lobster club sandwich. Probably one of the best thing I've eat in my entire life. Here's a cool pic taken at our post-lunch nap!

We ended that perfect day in the small town of Antigonish where things got pretty fuck top! Thanks to the locals!


Getting up after a wild night in town, the squad was ready to hit the road back (after a couple of morning burritos of course). The objective of the day was Halifax.

Halifax was a very cool city. We met a lot of nice people at our hostel during our short stay. Time to get back on the road to our last destination, Fredericton. Everything went well on the road instead a couple of showers at the end of the day! For the record, the trailer on the following images was rented on Airbnb after a couple of drinks... Believe it or not, this place was downtown!!!! 
As you can see, this wasn't the best setup to dry our wet clothes... Fortunately, the host was nice enough to let us use his dryer!
After all the good moments on the road, already time to go back home! Unfortunately, it was also the day that we ran out of luck... Rain. A lot of rain.

Obviously, nobody brought a good rain suit so after a few minutes on the road, everybody was in "wetsuit mode". It looks like Sam's suit didn't like the heat of his tunderheader exhaust because it started to self-destruct only after a couple of miles... :D

After a few coffee n soup break, we managed to reach the province of Québec where luck was waiting for us and give us a nice shiny sun to dry us on the road.

It was (again) a really good trip with the squad and I can't believe how lucky we are to be able to share this kind of moments together. 

Can wait for the next trip!!!




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