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Westcoast MX-Tbars

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Metal: 1080 mild gauge steel tubing with .125 wall thickness

Coating: Powdercoated Black

Fitment: Universal Throttle by wire and Throttle cable applications. (Throttle or Fly by wire means having an electronic throttle)

Top Crossbar:

  • 5 1/2" spread in the middle of the handlebar. Then bends and rises up 2" and then the 1-1/4" tubing is swaged (tapered) down to 1"diameter. (Fits conventional controls)
  • Both sides have 1/2" holes punched for internal wiring.
  • Cross width is 31 1/2" across and pullback is 3 1/2".
  • Your Wrist angle will be at a 18 degree angle Cross bar is welded to sit flat on a 28 degree rake
  • The (2) - 3/4" holes in middle of the bar are made to be centered for the 3 1/2 spacing of the risers.
  • The throttle side tubing at 1" is honed out and notched for fly by wire. 

Risers: 3 1/2" spacing between risers. (Fits conventional top triple tree clamps). 1/2" x 5/8" oval holes are 1 7/8" up from the bottom for internal wiring.

Riser Bungs: These bungs are designed to be a steel 1 piece, 3-tier design. First tier fits inside the 1 1/4" tubing. Second tier meets flush with the bottom of the risers and is TIG welded bonding the bung to the riser. The third tier widens to 1 1/2" and is hollowed out 1/4" deep. This eliminates the need of a traditional washer setup, the handlebar bushing fits perfectly inside the custom bung.


  • - Heavy Duty Bushings
  • - Grade 8 or Grade 9 (L9) bolts


  • 8 inches bars = 6 inch risers with 2 inch rise on the top cross bar
  • 10 inches bars = 8 inch risers with 2 inch rise on the top cross bar
  • 12 inches bars = 10 inch risers with 2 inch rise on the top cross bar
  • 14 inches bars = 12 inch risers with 2 inch rise on the top cross bar

Need Bungs for your tach/speedo? Bars not in stock? Contact us at sales@originalgaragemoto.com.

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